Tricone resonator

Jos playing his tricone

  • Top= quilted maple
  • Body= quilted maple
  • Fretboard= ebony
  • Finish= true oil
  • Tricone model

Squareneck resonator

Jeroen testing a squareneck

  • Top= european spruce
  • Body= hard maple
  • Fretboard= ebony
  • Finish stain + laquer
  • Cone= quarterman

Roundneck resonator

Dennis playing a roundneck

  • Top= european spruce
  • B+S= european maple
  • Fretboard= ebony
  • Finish= stain and true oil
  • Cone= Del Vechio biscuit type
  • Soundrings= walnut (custom)

Brazilian rosewood guitar

Dennis testing it

  • Top= european spruce
  • Body= brazilian rosewood
  • Fretboard= ebony
  • Finish= French polish

F5 model mandoline

Nils on his new mandolin

  • Top= european spruce
  • Body= european maple
  • Fretboard= ebony
  • Finish= stain + laquer
  • Allen tailpiece


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Twohorn mandolin


This twohorn mandolin has a european maple neck and body, a european spruce top and ebony horntips. The fretboard is ebony, the tailpiece is an Alllen tailpiece, finish is nitro laquer. In the course of the years it has been equiped with a pickup , tuner knobs and altered pickguard.